Insurance Ireland - Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion 2020 Report

Diversity and Inclusion is fundamental to the future of our industry. Now, and considering Covid-19, it is more important than ever for organizations and individuals to have Inclusive Leadership.  Insurance Ireland is taking a proactive approach to improving inclusivity by working to increase understanding of best practices, promoting industry initiatives, engaging with the Central Bank of Ireland, non- industry experts and advocacy groups.

We as an Industry have developed good practices to date but still have areas for development. Research has highlighted time and again that organisations with truly inclusive cultures outperform those without. Diversity of gender, age, race, cultural backgrounds, and thought are key to the long-term success of organisations. Businesses who have cultivated an Inclusive culture are twice as likely to meet, if not exceed, financial targets and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes overall. With results and business benefits like this it is easy to understand why so many organisations say they wish to have a more inclusive culture. However, change is hard and resistance common, with organisational culture change a huge challenge.

It is with all of this in mind that we, the industry Inclusion Taskforce and Deloitte our Talent Strategic Alliance Partner, have created this updated industry Diversity & Inclusion Guide for Insurance Ireland members. The ambition of this Diversity & Inclusion booklet is to help guide insurance companies as to how to achieve greater Diversity and Inclusion within their organisation. From interaction with Insurance Ireland members, we are very aware that biggest obstacles for companies in this area is knowing where to begin and how to go about doing it correctly. This is especially true for small to mid- tier size organisations. This guide aims to answer those questions and help to get a practical plan in place.

Thank you to the Inclusion Taskforce for their time and assistance in helping to bring this report to fruition.

Teresa Kelly Oroz, Chair, Insurance Ireland Inclusion Taskforce

Insurance Ireland - Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion 2020 Report

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Insurance Ireland - Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion 2020 Report

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