Insurance Ireland Accelerated Leadership Programme 20/21


Insurance Ireland are delighted to launch our first Accelerated Leadership Programme in Partnership with IFS Skillnet, PDI Consulting and University College Cork.  We have been working on the programme for the past two years to design the “IIALP” – the Insurance Ireland Accelerated Leadership Programme.

The IIALP 18-month UCC accredited programme is designed to enhance participates leadership capability through custom designed industry specific models. It spans a range of leadership techniques including people and talent management, managing change, customer relationship management, strategic thinking, and transformation management as they relate to the insurance and insurtech industry.

Change has been sudden and radical for the industry, indeed the world. This programme is designed to build leadership capability at a time when it is more important than ever. A leader’s ability to filter and focus has never been more prescient than now. This programme is designed to equip your leaders / potential leaders with the necessary capabilities to adapt and achieve in an uncertain and ever-changing environment.

The brochure provides full details of the programme which is partially funded by IFS Skillnet as part of Insurance Ireland’s IFS2025 remit to contribute to the development of talent and leadership in the industry.

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Insurance Ireland Accelerated Leadership Programme 20/21 Brochure

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Insurance Ireland Accelerated Leadership Programme 20/21 Brochure

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