Insurance Ireland welcomes the European Commission’s decision to conclude its investigation into InsuranceLink


30th June 2022. Insurance Ireland welcomes the conclusion of the European Commission investigation into the insurance claims database, InsuranceLink, without a finding of infringement by Insurance Ireland.

In light of concerns raised during the investigation, Insurance Ireland offered a set of commitments to allay the concerns. The offer of the commitments is not an acknowledgement that Insurance Ireland has infringed competition law and Insurance Ireland notes that the European Commission has not found that Insurance Ireland has infringed competition law.

The commitments provide for clear criteria and procedures on access to the InsuranceLink database.  In addition, the commitments provide for clear criteria and procedures for applications for membership of Insurance Ireland.

Insurance Ireland CEO, Moyagh Murdock, said, “We have cooperated fully and worked constructively with the European Commission over the course of its investigation to allay concerns raised in relation to InsuranceLink, and we are pleased that the Commission has decided to accept the commitments and conclude its investigation.”



Edited text 19.08.22

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