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17 May 2018 - Statement by Insurance Ireland on media commentary regarding the European Commission’s ongoing investigation

  • Insurance Ireland has never refused membership of the association
  • In 2012, Insurance Ireland’s membership included 12 companies providing motor insurance, in 2017, this had increased to 18
  • InsuranceLink holds claims information and this is accessed by Insurance Ireland members and non-members
  • The Integrated Information Data Service (IIDS) allows access to the Department of Transport controlled database called the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF). Insurance Ireland does not hold exclusive access rights to the NVDF. Any insurer, domestic or foreign, can directly access this information.


Insurance Ireland has cooperated fully with the European Commission in its enquiries and is confident its practices are fully compliant with competition law.  The European Commission is in an information gathering phase and has not made any findings or raised any objections in respect of membership of Insurance Ireland or otherwise. 


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