Know your allen keys from your screwdrivers: Insurance Ireland's TV Transformative Project

Insurance Ireland on behalf of the insurance industry is collaborating with ShinAwil, the production powerhouse behind some of Ireland’s biggest entertainment series’, and RTE in an exciting new partnership to produce a re-imagined version of Sean O’Casey’s landmark play, “The Plough and the stars”, in the Abbey Theatre on the 21st March 2020.


Thanks to FBD, the owner of the Insurance Centre building, our "O'Casey in the Estates TV transformative project" has access to the second floor for rehearsals of the play and the shooting of interviews for the ShinAwil / RTE documentary.

The task: dismantle 4 banks of desks on the second floor of Insurance Centre, 5 Harbourmaster Place. The II-member support team was called upon to assemble on a cold Saturday afternoon and bring their brains, brawn and screwdrivers

It started off badly. There was crawling under and over desks aplenty until someone produced a set of allen keys and whipped out those pesty screws and the job was wrapped up in no time. The floor was cleared to be marked out for the staging and for the amateur dramatics to begin.

The rehearsals are now in full swing for the staging in the Abbey on Saturday the 21st of March.

A big thanks to our insurance member volunteers.

Check our events page for background on the project and Kristen Foren's rehearsal video diary updates.



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