Shared Services

As our industry continues to face increasingly complex demands, the value of companies working together and sharing knowledge, operational experiences, and information creates the strength required to deliver better outcomes for all.

Through its Shared Services platform, Insurance Ireland members provide information with the objective of fostering an efficient and innovative industry, which in turn enables businesses to trade, thereby powering national and international economic growth and offers peace of mind to individual customers.

Those shared sources include:

Research & Statistics - The provision and publication of research, statistics and data analysis is an important part of Insurance Ireland's work and regular market level information, summaries, reports and data analysis are provided to Insurance Ireland's members, the Central Bank of Ireland and other governmental and non-governmental organisations. Key market data is published in our annual Factfile which covers the Life, Non-Life, Health and International sectors. 

Insurance Link - Information relating to claims is shared on Insurance Link, a shared industry database that allows its users to compare recorded claims with claims history information provided by new claimants against policy-holders. The purpose of Insurance Link is to ensure that claims information provided by claimants agrees with the information on the database. This is needed to protect policy-holders against fraudulent claims. The operation of Insurance Link is subject to the Code of Practice for Insurers issued by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. Access to Insurance Link here.

Integrated Information Data Service (IIDS) - IIDS is a shared members database that, by arrangement with the Department of Transport, allows its users to confirm the accuracy of penalty point and no-claims discount information provided by customers at the point they are seeking motor policies. 

Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) Database - MTPL is a new centralised database developed by Insurance Ireland, as recommended by the Government’s Cost of Insurance Working Group, which will hold the details on all motor insurance policies, including details of vehicles, policy holders and named drivers, operating in the State. This database will be owned and operated, on behalf of the insurance industry, by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI). It is planned that both An Garda Siochána and the Department of Transport will have access to the MTPL data in support of their road traffic responsibilities.




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