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Insurance Ireland recognizes the impact of regulation on our members and in this regard has been focusing on further strengthening its working relationships with policymakers across all sectors of the insurance industry.  The policy team at Insurance Ireland secured a number of positive and pragmatic outcomes from its regulatory and advocacy work in recent years and believe that continuing this regular engagement is the way to achieve positive outcomes for the industry.

In addition to our regular engagement, we also work with members in crafting formal responses to policy consultations - both domestically and internationally. We have set out the current and previous consultations that the Insurance Ireland teams are working on. We would encourage members to visit this page regularly to keep abreast of initiatives that are taking place both at home and on the EU stage.  Insurance Ireland invites members to contact the regulatory lead where they feel a consultation has an impact on the industry and the team at Insurance Ireland are available to discuss and respond to these consultations as appropriate.

For further details on consultations that we believe may be of interest to you please see below, we look forward to your contributions.

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