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Insurance Ireland / Milliman CRO Forum Q4 2017


 8.00 - 8.30am            Registration – Tea/Coffee

8.30 – 9.00am           Mark Burke – Regulator to Practitioner

9.00 – 9.30am            CBI Reviews and Insights

9.30 – 10.00am         Networking & coffee


The forum will run from 8.30am to 10.00am sharp.


Venue – Columba 1 & 2, The Spencer Hotel, Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1

The topic for this session is as follows:

Ø Mark Burke – Regulator to Practitioner

Mark moved from the Central Bank of Ireland to Mediolanum in 2016 to lead the group’s risk and compliance teams for their insurance, asset management and fund subsidiaries. In his talk he will discuss his experiences of this move and the challenges and surprises encountered. During his time at the regulator Mark was heavily involved in the development of a number of risk management initiatives and in his talk he will discuss the transition from regulator to practitioner. He will also discuss the differences between the risk role for an insurance company compared to that in an asset management company and the varying influence of regulation on the risk role in these different areas.


Ø CBI Reviews and Insights

The CBI has conducted a number of thematic reviews during 2017.  We will provide an overview of the various thematic reviews that have taken place during the year and some of the key messages emerging.  We will also discuss the various Dear CEO letters and the Dear CRO letter issued on Operational Risk Management.  It is intended that the session will be interactive with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.


Mark is Regional Chief Risk & Compliance Officer for Mediolanum’s Irish Operations and is responsible for leading the risk management funtion of the asset management and insurance operations. He is a former senior regulator with responsibility for Insurance Supervision at Central Bank of Ireland. He has a strong track record of investment risk governance, behavioural analytics, enterprise risk management and prudential regulation and has published articles on risk management and the impact of regulatory change on business models.


The CRO Forum is designed to be a high-level discussion group exclusively formed and attended by Chief Risk Officers of Insurance Ireland Member and Associate Member companies. The purpose of the series is to engender debate and discussion, facilitating peer learning, network building and the sharing of experience and knowledge in this community.

The nature of future events falling under this series will be informed by your inputs and feedback, to ensure the series continually delivers value to the network it is designed to engage.

To register please email before Friday, 10th November 2017.




This Insurance Ireland Event is open to Insurance Ireland members only or by invitation from our CEO.

Insurance Ireland - Milliman CRO Forum - Mark Burke's Presentation

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Insurance Ireland - Milliman CRO Forum - Mark Burke's Presentation

Insurance Ireland - Milliman CRO Forum - Padraic O' Malley's Presentation

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Insurance Ireland - Milliman CRO Forum - Padraic O' Malley's Presentation


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