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Insurance Ireland - Milliman CRO Forum 2 2021


When:        Wednesday, 26th May, 2021
Time:         11.00am – 12.00 noon
Where:      Online 



Insurance Ireland and Milliman look forward to welcoming you to our next CRO Forum, which takes place on Wednesday 26th May at 11.00. We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by Gerardo Di Filippo, Head of Group Risk Capital Calculation and Reporting at Generali and his colleague Marina Kodric, Group Risk Management Policy, ORSA & Governance, Generali. Gerardo will present on a paper prepared by the European CRO Forum entitled, “Imagine all the people - Demographics and social change from an insurance perspective”.


Gerardo has provided a summary of the foreword of this paper which is included below to help set the scene for what promises to be an interesting session with something of interest for all CROs:


“After many years of constant population growth, the most recent demographic analyses foresee a progressive slowdown in population growth with differing impacts across countries, implying changes in current social and economic habits as well as changes in the role of cities and the countryside, which in turn will increase possible social tensions and sources of inequality. Without reproducing the content of several scientific studies, the purpose of this document is to identify the future challenges the insurance industry will face and thereby providing stakeholders a view on their importance.


This document considers the risks and opportunities related to the main social and demographic trends and their implications on the evolution of the insurance business that will lead to operational changes together with the possible enablers for these changes. The document stresses the importance of the insurance industry’s role in the social welfare and healthcare systems in which the industry will be increasingly called upon to cover against emerging protection needs, and to understand and promote fair policies against Inequality, Green growth and sustainable development.


Through this study, we proudly reaffirm the importance of the social dimension present in future risks and how the ESG perspective is key for mitigating the risks and the impact they may have.


In line with the objectives of the CRO Forum, the document aims to raise awareness of such trends, facilitating their understanding and providing a guide towards adequately preparing the management of such risks. The COVID-19 pandemic is clear evidence on the importance of preparedness.”


Speakers: Gerardo Di Flilippo, Head of Group Risk Capital Calculation and Reporting, Generali,  Marina Kodric, Group Risk Management Policy, ORSA & Governance, Generali, Jacqueline Thornton, Manager of EU, & Domestic Legal and Regulatory Affairs/Company Secretary, Eamon Comerford, Senior Consultant, Milliman and Eoin King, Principal, Milliman.



This event is open to the members of the Insurance Ireland CRO Forum. For further details please contact:

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