Board and Management Committees

Insurance Ireland is run by a secretariat team under the direction of a Board.

Members of the Board are made up of representatives of each of the membership sections, together with an external Board member selected by the Board itself. In addition to the Board there are Councils which include the Non-Life Council, Life Council, International Council, Health Council and INED Council.

Each year a President is appointed at the AGM and the Presidency alternates between life, non-life and international member companies. In addition, a wide range of committees and working groups meet throughout the year, dealing with specialist areas and membership comprises representatives of member companies.

As well as the above Board and Councils there are a number of working groups and committees. These are as follows:


Industry Wide (Common) Committees & Working Groups

·         Blockchain Working Group

          Data Protection Working Group

·         Finance and Taxation Committee

·         PRIIPs Working Group

·         Regulation Committee

·         Solvency II Working Group

·         Strategic Committee on Conduct and the Consumer

          Insurance Ireland IFS2020 Working Group


Life Sector Committees & Working Groups

·         Genetics Working Group

·         Pensions Committee

·         Pensions Policy Working Group


Non-Life Committees & Working Groups

·         Anti-Fraud Forum

·         CFO Working Group

          Claims Committee

·         Insurance Ireland/OPW Flood Working Group

·         Insurance Link Steering Group

·         Integrated Information Data Service Oversight Committee

·         Motor Data Project Working Group

·         MTPL / ANPR Working Group

          Personal Insurances Committee


International Sector Working Group

·         Variable Annuity Working Group


Health Sector Committees & Working Groups

·         Claims Forum

·         Claims Working Group

·         Communications Working Group

·         Lifetime Community Rating Working Group

          GDPR Group


Membership Services and Events Working Groups  

·         European Insurance Forum Advisory Committee

·         Anti-Fraud Advertising Campaign Project Team

          Anti-Fraud Conference Forum Committee

          II Industry Inclusion Task Force


Strategic Alliance Partners

·         II-Accenture Innovation Task Force

·         II-Deloitte Market Intelligence Project Team

·         II-KPMG Conduct & Consumer Risk Project Team

·         II-MIT Blockchain Working Group

·         II-PwC Knowledge Project Team


DIMA Council Committees, Forums and Working Groups

·         Insurance & Captives Subcommittee

·         Life, Non-Life Reinsurance Subcommittee

·         CFO Forum

·         INED Forum

·         Compliance Officers Working Group









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