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Insurance Ireland Statement – Safety First - Motor and Home Insurance Policies

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Insurance Ireland PwC Survey highlights Emerging Technologies a key source for disruption and innovation; Regulation a key concern

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Insurance Ireland Welcomes Taoiseach’s Plan for an Auto-enrolment Pension Scheme

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Give Middle Income Savers and Investors an Even Break by Reducing the Exit Tax on Life Assurance Policies – Insurance Ireland

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Insurance Ireland Welcomes XL Catlin Decision to Relocate UK Subsidiary to Dublin

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Important Notice From Insurance Ireland - Flood Damage

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Insurance Ireland Intern -Colm Layton

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Average Circuit Court personal injury award increases by 48% from 2013-2016 – Insurance Ireland

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Three Official Reports Highlight the Rising Cost of Claims in Motor Insurance and Underscore the Need to Tackle Costs – Insurance Ireland

• 23% increase in total motor claims paid from 2011-2016 - Dept. of Finance report • 50% increase in the amount paid in awards by the PIAB from 2011-2016 (from €209.83m to €315.13m – this is for all injury awards) • 7% increase, from €22,091 in 2013 to €23,634 in 2016, in the average compensation per motor injury claim - Dept. of Finance report • €42,400 in legal & other costs paid on an award of €100,000 - Dept. of Finance report • Claims costs increase over time if a claim is not settled – Central Bank of Ireland report

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Insurance Ireland concerned Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Amendment) Bill will not take costs out of the claims settlement system

Kevin Thompson “This Bill is an important opportunity to reduce claims costs and it should not be missed”

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Insurance Ireland & Its Members Supporting the Pride Festival 2017

Insurance Ireland & Its Members Supporting the Pride Festival 2017

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European Insurance Forum focuses on Brexit, regulation and Ireland as a location for insurance business

• Keynote address was from economist and commentator Paul Mason on geopolitical risks & their relevance to business • Conference promoted Ireland as a location for insurance & Insurance Ireland’s proposal for ‘fast-track’ regulatory approval for UK insurers

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Insurance Ireland is delighted to have won an ICAD Bell Award

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Insurance Ireland Calls for Regulatory ‘Grandfathering’ of UK Regulated Insurers Looking to Locate in Ireland

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Insurance Ireland reiterates its call for an urgent review to identify the key lessons for Ireland from the expected Lloyd’s announcement

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Insurance Ireland Marks International Women’s Day 2017

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78% of Irish Adults Say It’s Unacceptable for Health Insurance Holders to Pay Twice for Treatment in Public Hospitals

- Customers paying twice, once through their taxes and again through insurance, amounts to “Double Taxation” – Insurance Ireland calling for policy review - 62% Unaware that private patients can be charged over ten times the public rate for the same treatment according to research by Insurance Ireland

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Insurance Ireland Launches Year of Diversity and Inclusion with Launch Event Hosted with The 30% Club

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Government Report Provides a Framework for Addressing Embedded Claims Costs – Insurance Ireland

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